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What is snap finance?

Snap Finance is company which finances your goods purchases on the basis of lease-to-own. If you want to buy goods like appliances, and related things but can’t afford full money to buy instantly, you can use snap finance that enables you to get your goods at lease rate which ultimately becomes your own with time. But first let’s understand what lease-to-own is.

Whether you new tires for your car or new furniture for your growing family, snap is your partner for fast and easy lease-purchase financing without taking care of your bad credit.

If you get approved with snap finance, you can get up-to $3000 in your account which you can use to get the things and have to pay the full price within 12-18 months of convenience.

You can finance following products with snap finance :-

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Electronics
  • House decorating stuffs
  • Tires and Rims
  • Jewellery
  • Books

What is lease-to-own financing model?

Lease-to-own also known as rent-to-own or rental purchase or rent-to-buy, is a type of legally documented transaction under which tangible property, such as furniture, consumer electronics, motor vehicles, home appliances, real property, and engagement rings, is leased in exchange for a weekly or monthly payment, with the option to purchase at some point during the agreement.

A rent-to-own transaction differs from a traditional lease, in that the lessee can purchase the leased item at any time during the agreement (in a traditional lease the lessee has no such right), and from a hire purchase/installment plan, in that the lessee can terminate the agreement by simply returning the property (in a hire purchase the buyer has a limited time, if any, to cancel the agreement.

Rent-to-own agreements are based on a weekly or monthly rental term. In the structure of this type of transaction, the consumer (lessee) – at the end of each week or month – can choose either to renew the lease on a weekly or monthly basis by making renewal payments, or to terminate the agreement with no further obligation by returning the tangible property.

An alternative purchase option is commonly provisioned for, allowing the consumer to pay off the remaining balance on the agreement at any point in time in order to obtain permanent ownership. Read more about lease-to-rent on wikipedia.

How Snap Finance Works?

To avail snap finance, you need to follow just simple steps. First you need to qualify for them, which is not a big deal due to high approval rate, then shop from their suggested retailer near you and checkout.

1. Apply online and get approval

Fill out their simple application online in a matter of moment. Once you’ve submitted your application, it only takes seconds to know if you’ve been approved. Chances are always good due to high approval rates.

Here is the login form

Applications for Snap’s lease-purchase financing aren’t even reported to TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian. Their prietary decisioning process allows them to look beyond bad credit, no credit, and bankruptcy to approve more applicants.

To qualify, you must follow these simple terms :-

  • At-least 18 years old
  • Have an active checking account
  • Have a steady source of income
  • Have a valid e-mail address/or cell phone?

If you follow these, you are most welcome to apply for them.

3. Choose a retailer to shop

Once you get approved, you can choose store near you to start looking for items. You can shop up to $3,000, depending on your approved credit limit.

Snap Finance partners with retailers all over the country so you can shop locally and use your approval to lease your items.

In their website, there is a handy Store Locator to find a participating retailer near you and get shopping. Just simply click on “Find a store” and you will get the concerned shop near you.

3. Checkout final

While checking out, you’ll receive an instant email with access to your approved amount. Just show it to your cashier so they can finish your transaction. They have made their transaction procedure as simple and easy as possible.

Snap Finance Customer Login

Snap Finance Merchant Login

Additional Points about Snap Finance

There are some points you need to know before applying to snap finance. Please read carefully.

Their standard lease is a maximum of 12-18 months.

The lease includes a cost added to the cash price of the merchandise being leased, and your total cost could be more than double the cash price of the merchandise.

Your lease payments will be automatically deducted from the checking account provided in the lease application.

You have options to gain ownership early and save on lease costs.

You may cancel your lease at any time by notifying and returning the merchandise to Snap.

Snap Finance Cons

Snap finance has lots of benefits that is very useful for middle class people who can’t afford things instantly. But besides this it also has certain cons.

One of the biggest cons of snap finance is its returning fee which you have to return. Besides its application fee and processing charges, missed payment or non-payment fees and late fee, you have to pay big bucks monthly or weekly for the lease which make the total cost more than double the cash price of the merchandise.

For example : If you choose to lease a furniture that retails for $500 and started making $40 payments every 2 weeks for 12 months, you’d pay close to $1,000.

Snap Finance Reviews

Snap is always good to use when your not ready to pay in full at the time of purchase so it’s clutch when you need something right away! myreon buford – Trustpilot

Great finance company, quick application and was approved in just a few minutes. Low biweekly payments with the option to buy out in 100 days. Will definitely use them again in the near future. StarlandriaBBB

Snap Finance FAQs

Is Snap Finance Safe?

Yes it is pretty safe, trusted by millions across the globe. Snap finance is a genuine financing company that is serving with good satisfaction rate among customers.

What happens if I need to return the merchandise?

Your lease-purchase agreement may be canceled at any time, as long as you return the leased merchandise in good, working condition. You will also need to meet the requirements of the merchant’s return policy.

How much am I able to lease from Snap?

Snap approves leases for merchandise worth up to $3,000. Individual approval amounts vary.

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