Is Gadget Insurance Worth it? Best Gadgets Insurance Companies

Gadgets are an important part of our life these days. Every day we are surrounded by lots of useful gadgets ranging from as simple as charger to costly working PCs. These gadgets are prone to loss and damages at any time.

Insuring gadgets is a way to secure from losses and damages costs. Gadgets Insurance becomes more prominent specially when the cost of the gadget is high enough not to be affordable again and again. But do you really need gadget Insurance?

When do you need gadget Insurance?

Everybody buy gadgets but not all of them take insurance for it. If you are planning to take Insurance for your devices, must consider these things while approaching any policy company.

Price of the Gadget : If the value price of the device you want to insure is not high, then the premium you have to pay would out-weigh the amount the Insurer would pay. That’s why it is recommended for high value gadgets and devices. For example if you have expensive gold watches, you can consider it.

Extent of Damage Prone : Taking Insurance for those gadgets are advisable which are more prone to damages and loss. The devices or machine which are prone to fire, explosion, mechanical breakdown, accidental damages etc. are better to be Insured so that you can get your coverage if these happens.

How Gadget Insurance Works?

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss in which, in exchange for a fee, a party agrees to compensate another party in the event of a certain loss, damage, or injury. It is a form of risk management, primarily used to protect against the risk of a contingent or uncertain loss.

An entity which provides insurance is known as an insurerinsurance companyinsurance carrier, or underwriter. A person or entity who buys insurance is known as a policyholder, while a person or entity covered under the policy is called an insured. The insurance transaction involves the policyholder assuming a guaranteed, known, and relatively small loss in the form of a payment to the insurer (a premium) in exchange for the insurer’s promise to compensate the insured in the event of a covered loss. The loss may or may not be financial, but it must be reducible to financial terms. Furthermore, it usually involves something in which the insured has an insurable interest established by ownership, possession, or pre-existing relationship.

The insured receives a contract, called the insurance policy, which details the conditions and circumstances under which the insurer will compensate the insured, or their designated beneficiary or assignee. The amount of money charged by the insurer to the policyholder for the coverage set forth in the insurance policy is called the premium. If the insured experiences a loss which is potentially covered by the insurance policy, the insured submits a claim to the insurer for processing by a claims adjuster. A mandatory out-of-pocket expense required by an insurance policy before an insurer will pay a claim is called a deductible (or if required by a health insurance policy, a copayment). The insurer may hedge its own risk by taking out reinsurance, whereby another insurance company agrees to carry some of the risks, especially if the primary insurer deems the risk too large for it to carry.

Any Insurance works in a same manner. There is an Insurer which is the Insurance company and the Insurer also known as policy holder which the person who is taking the Insurance.

There is an agreement between the Insurer and the policy holder which is called Insurance Policy which contains all the circumstances under which the company will and will not provide the coverage money equivalent to loss.

The policy holder has to pay regularly an amount might be $100/annum to the company which is known as premiums. If any loss happens with your Insured gadgets you have to claim for your coverage.

The Insurance company verify your claim and after that provide you money known as Insurance coverage worth of your losses.

Best Gadget Insurance Companies in 2021


  • Best for Apple products
  • Extends your warranty coverage from 1 year to 2
  • Up to 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage per year

Square Trade

  • Best for accidental damages
  • Don’t limit coverage to a certain brand
  • Provide affordable policies


  • Broad coverage options
  • Affordable
  • Flexible


  • Provides coverage for almost all the household gadgets
  • Broad coverage options
  • Affordable

Gadgets Insurance FAQs

Is gadget insurance worth it?

As mentioned above, it depends on your gadgets and your conditions. It worth for some situations and cases while it not for others. If your device is prone to damages and too costly that you can’t afford repairing, then the Insurance really worth in this case.

Can I get gadget insurance for a second-hand gadget?

It depends on the companies. Where majority of the Insurance company provides policy for new bought gadgets, some companies are also there who provide cover for refurbished gadgets as long as you bought them within the last 2 months.

My gadget is still under warranty – do I need insurance?

Manufacturers’ warranties only cover mechanical failure, but not for accidental damages or theft. But Insurance companies provide coverage for broader ranges of loss aspects.

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